Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage


Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage (MLD) is a gentle massage approach that increases lymph flow around the body, helping to reduce toxins by directing them towards the nodes in the lymphatic system which removes them. For toxins to be removed, your lymph system HAS to flow. Post surgery, the excess lymph fluid that is created can be too much for your body to churn out on its own and in turn it can build up and block the natural flow.

Excessive lymph = swelling and bruising

Not only does MLD help to assist swelling, bruising and fibrosis post surgery but it helps to remove stagnant fluid that builds up due to an injury.
When tissue is damaged, either through surgery or an injury, fluid congregates in the space and causes swelling. This is usually stage 1 & 2 of the body's healing process. The body then works tirelessly through the lymph system to remove the stagnant fluid. Again, if there is too much excess fluid then the body may struggle with moving this on its own. MLD can aid in quickening up this process which enables stage 3 of the healing process to begin quicker whereby new scar tissue is formed and mobility starts to restore.

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Initial Appointment £60
45 minute massage £40 - recommended for 1 area
60 minute massage £50 - recommended for 2 small areas or 1 large area
75 minute massage £60 - recommended for the whole body