Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation


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Physiotherapy can be an alternative treatment if you have any problems

Sports Therapy treats a wide range of musculoskeletal problems by providing relevant soft tissue interventions to aid injury recovery. Primarily trained in a sporting environment, a sports therapist treats injuries, advises on injury prevention techniques and provides appropriate rehabilitation programs where necessary. All with the goal of aiding the patient back to peak levels of functional, occupational and sport specific/work specific fitness, using principals of sport and exercise science through therapeutic intervention and exercise.

As well as hands on treatment, Sophie will provide exercise rehabilitation programs where required. Depending on your personal circumstance, these programs will be tailored around your every day activities to enable you to reap the benefits whilst still continuing through your daily routine. These programs can be both gym or home based, either using body weight only or any equipment you have at hand, whether that be bottle of water, a rucksack filled with books or weights if you have access!

Using an holistic approach, Sophie will assess, diagnose and treat each injury with a bespoke therapy and rehabilitation plan to suit each individuals needs. Sophie is a member of BASRaT (British Association of Sport Rehabilitators) which is a widely recognised healthcare association and is accredited by the UK's top medical regulator - the Professional Standards Authority.