Silver Swans Ballet Video

Silver Swans Ballet Video

We are really excited to be working with Rebecca Yates from Complete Ballet.
We have created a video together for the Silver Swans (R) ballet group to help them gain more from their ballet with a few tips and exercises.

Although this video is created for ballet most of the advice and exercise can be used and/or modified for anyone else who is having a few niggles and not getting the best out of their exercises including tightness in their spine, pelvis or shoulders.

The video explains a little bit about how your body works and what help is out there should you need it along with some basic exercises to try before seeking help.

The video costs £5 and is available to download through vimeo please click here Enjoy!

If you would like to find out more about what Rebecca does please check out her website Complete ballet

Check out our free video on vimeo about our clinic here

If you require any further details please contact us on 07383096032 / 0191 4474424 or

Silver Swans Ballet Video