New Therapist and treatments

New Therapist and treatments
New Therapist and treatments

We are really pleased to welcome Annie to the clinic.

Annie is a massage therapist who will be offering Swedish massages, Sports Massages, Pregnancy Massages, Oncology Massages and Scarwork Therapy at our Sunderland clinic.

Below is a brief introduction to each massage Annie does.

Swedish massage is a gentle massage to help ease away stress and tension, bringing you a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

Sports massage/deep tissue has a deeper pressure than the Swedish massage and is best for those who have stubborn knots or like a deeper pressure to their massages. It can also help prevent injuries, improve your mobility and optimise health and well being.

Oncology massage works to address the needs of clients, modifying massage techniques accordingly, to deliver a quality massage, with the intention to assist in a client's recovery.
The difference with this type of massage, is that consideration is given to the type of cancer a client has either had, or is still undergoing treatment for, and their current stage of health and with this in mind, techniques are modified in terms of positioning, so that a client is comfortable; as well as the length of session and the depth, speed and area that is massaged .
The objective of the massage is for it to be less demanding on a client, who is suffering from/has suffered with cancer or any condition that has already placed stress on their body's system, with the intention of the approach used, helping to assist in a client's recovery, rather than cause any further stress.
Benefits can also include a reduction in anxiety, depression and fatigue.

ScarWork Therapy is a specialised manual treatment to help with scar tissue, fibrosis, adhesions and changes in tissue following surgery or as a result of an accident. ScarWork therapy can help to release tightness, help with restricted mobility, reduce sensitivity and pain in the scar area, stimulate and boost healing and support emotional wellbeing.

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