Hand / wrist pain

Hand / wrist pain

Did you know?

Your hand consists of your wrist, palm, and fingers. You can injure or damage the ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves in your hand.

Your wrist is made up of eight small bones and has three main joints. These joints make your wrist more stable and gives it a wide range of movement. It allows your wrist to move your hand up and down, rotate your hand and bend your wrist forward, backward and side to side.

Your palm has five long bones called metacarpal bones which as situated between your wrist and fingers.

Your fingers are made up of 14 narrow bones called phalanges. With 3 bones in each finger and 2 in your thumb. Between each bone is a joint which provides movement and allows you to perform activities such as bending stretching, pinching and grasping.

Common wrist/hand conditions

Sprain- a sprain occurs when you tear or stretch a ligament. This can be sue to overstretching, physical impact or a fall.

Repetitive stress injuries. Common injuries to the wrist hand and fingers happen from repetitive movements. This includes typing, texing , writing and playing tennis. Symptoms include swelling numbness and pain.

Fracture- you can fracture any of the bones in your wrist hand or fingers from a fall or injury. This can result in a weakening of your muscles tendon and ligaments?

Carpal tunnel syndrome - the occurs when the median nerve is compressed. Carpal tunnel syndrome can result form repeated overextension of the wrist.

Mallet finger - also called baseball finger is an impact injury that affects the tendon that straightens your finger or thumb. The tendon may tear or detach from the finger bone causing pain bruising and swelling.

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