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Pregnancy Related Pain


During pregnancy, your body undergoes amazing and significant anatomical and physiological changes in order to nurture and accommodate the developing baby. Most of the time you will only notice your tummy growing however there are other anatomical changes that occur such as joints become more mobile, specific muscles are shortened and some muscles are lengthened. Your hands and feet become more swollen and your heart rate increases. Pressure from the baby can also push down on your pelvic floor and on to your bladder.

All of these changes can cause a lot of aches and pains for some ladies, incontinence can also become a problem. However not all pregnancy related pains are necessary and most can be easily corrected with treatment.

At Physiotherapy Ltd, after a thorough examination we will provide a treatment plan that includes Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, CranioSacral Therapy, or a combination of them all as well as a gentle exercise program to help your adjust to your new body and prepare you for labour and after.