Conditions We Treat

Post Natal Mams


Your body has been changing for 9 months, adapting and growing as your baby grows. After you have had your baby, whether it was via a natural vaginal delivery or via Caesarean section, your body has to change and adapt back to how it was before the pregnancy. This takes time, and in some cases requires expert help.

Tummy gap (Diastasis Recti), incontinence, prolapse, muscle weakness, postural related problems, are all very common concerns that women have after giving birth. As well as scar tightness and pain, pain with intercourse and the inability to wear a tampon.

But just because these concerns are common does not mean that they are normal and cannot be changed.

At Physiotherapy Ltd we offer a Mummy MOT (R) which includes a thorough examination and we will then be able to identify your symptoms and then be able to provide you with a bespoke treatment plan to help your body heal. We also work closely with Body Reflexion's who offer Holistic Core Restore (R) course to help you get your fitness back if you so wish.